It’s Spring Time Recipes!

There’s something about Spring that brings out the light and happy in all of us.

It's time to celebrate swearing off jackets and boots and swapping them for the feel of lighter clothes.

Heavier comfort foods are usually replaced by fresher, lighter meals of salads and grilled foods. Accompany your meal with fresh cool water laced with a slice of lemon or a sprig of spearmint.

The produce section in the stores fill up with in-season choices such as artichokes, asparagus, peas and strawberries. To celebrate the wonders of Spring, the hosts of the Family Food Kitchen have gathered a collection of tasty family recipes for you. Listen here:

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The Dirty Dozen 2015, and the Clean 15!

Every year an updated "Dirty Dozen" and the "Good News Clean 15" lists are released by the Environmental Working Group.

They do the tedious job of measuring pesticides in hundreds of samples of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The Family Food Kitchen shares which fruits and vegetables are safe to buy when grown commercially and which ones you should consider buying organic for the health of your family. 

These lists absolutely take the stress out of shopping. Tune in to find out which are the best produce choices on the market. Listen here:

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Snacks must be nourishing!

Do you find that just glancing down the grocery snack aisle is overwhelming? 
If you find digging through all those snack choices in search of truly healthy ones a nightmare, struggle no more. 

Family Food Kitchen welcomes one of the nation's leading health authorities, Joy Bauer, RDN, the nutrition and health expert for NBC’s TODAY Show, author and mother of three. 

Did you know that 24% of your calories are consumed with snacks? Well, Joy has made Nourishing Snacks a top priority. Find out what ingredients you can blend to create both healthy and delicious foods.

Listen to Joy's recommendations for recipes and products and how to turn snacking into a tasty nutrient boosting fourth meal of your family’s day. Listen here:

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The Power of the Perfect Seasoning

Have you ever had a fresh fillet of salmon seasoned so well it took your taste buds to the moon and back? 
Or, have you enjoyed a freshly-made salad dressing that turns lettuce and leafy greens into a fine dining experience? 

You, too, can learn how to simply use seasonings to create amazing culinary experiences for your family. 

Guest Patricia Bragg of Bragg Living Foods has spent a lifetime discovering flavor-packed, nutritionally-powered herbs and spices.

Learn how to turn bland and basic foods into meals your family will devour. Just imagine your kids begging for more green beans and tomatoes. 
For those of you who need a little help in the kitchen, Patricia is here to share her power of seasonings secrets, listen here:

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Living Green! With Patricia Bragg

Not so long ago, living green was all about Kermit the Frog. Now, the going green movement has permeated our homes and especially our kitchens. 
What does it mean to live green, and what’s so special it?

Is it worth the extra effort, or is it easier than you think? Guest, the famous Patricia Bragg of Bragg Living Foods, has been green inside and out every day of her life. She’s been living green long before Kermit. 

If you don’t want your family to be dependent on the pharmaceutical companies to keep you healthy and positively energetic, then living green in your kitchen will catch your attention.

Here’s a sneak peek from Patricia, “You are what you eat, breathe, think, say and do.”  Listen here:

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Struggling to Ditch Salt? Use More Spices

Salt is overused as a flavoring, especially in processed foods. 

And, if you're a salt user, but know you shouldn't be, you might be struggling with ditching the habit.

Decrease your food and health costs by turning to spices to draw out sumptuous fresh flavors in your family meals. Special guest, Sylvia Melendez Klinger, is a master at taking simple recipes such as scrambled eggs and giving them a flavor boost with herbs and spices.

Most cultures feed their family, young and old, beautifully seasoned meals. It is time the USA to catch up to this delicious flavor food habit.

Come into the Family Food Kitchen to learn that salty tastes won't be missed when serving simply seasoned chicken, fish, meatballs, chili, soups, veggies, salads and so much more:

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Save $4600 this Year & End Food Waste in Your Home

Did you know that on average, every home throws out $4600 worth of food every year. 

“That’s a vacation!” says guest, Sylvia Klinger, RD. 

Learn how to manage the food you buy, and store and prepare it in your kitchen so you can plan a fun get-away with your family with the money you save.

Also, find out how to turn leftovers into delicious combo meals and how to apply Sylvia’s no-waste fridge system so your fresh produce won’t get lost down under and rot. 

It’s time to end food waste for the health of your budget and our planet. Join the Family Food Kitchen for this cost-saving mission:

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National Geographic’s Kids Cookbook

National Geographic is taking you on a worldly fun food adventure with its new cookbook.

Get ready to turn your kids into seasonal foodies with guide Becky Baines, editor of NG's Cookbook for Kids.

Learn how easy it is to make flavor-filled recipes for different seasons and celebrations. Find out about the clever monthly food challenge where your kids will have a good time earning points the National Geographic way.

This is a brilliant colorful educational cookbook. Tune in for some international food fun:

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Food in the News: FDA Comes Out of the Chicken Closet

What is not news to the food industry, but has finally been revealed to most consumers, is that chicken is not what it has appeared to be. 

In fact, there is arsenic in 70% of chicken sold for consumption. That means most of the chicken you buy in the grocery stores and all restaurants, including fast food restaurants, contain arsenic.

The FDA has finally fessed up to this truth. 

How could this happen? What consequences are there for your family’s health? 

Tune in for answers and to learn what you can do to serve arsenic-free chicken to your family:

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Discover Eggplant: Versatile, Delicious & Nutritious

An underused, underrated vegetable (really a fruit) is the deep purple, glossy, smooth-skinned, plump eggplant. 

It is widely enjoyed around the world by both young and old. Sadly, it is usually overlooked by Americans, becasue many do not know how to prepare it. 

Here is your chance to discover this versatile, delicious and nutritious fresh produce. Learn why it is so good for you, and listen in as the hosts of theFamily Food Kitchen share their prep tips and favorite eggplant recipes.

Sneak peek: Eggplant Parmesan. It’s time to bring eggplant into your family's weekly menus. 

Listen here:

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DISCLOSURE: Once a product passes ingredient standards evaluation followed by a blind Kid Kritics taste test, a company can opt-in to the Kid Kritics Approved marketing program. Though monetary compensation for marketing is involved, this does not affect the nutrition evaluation or taste test results.