5 Spices to Add to Your Grocery List

Are you skipping over spices when shopping for flavor-enriching seasonings? 

That's a mistake. If you want to make your meals sensational, spices are a must.

Not sure which spices you should be using? Hosts Ellen and Carolina recommend the top five spices to add to your next shopping list.

Soon, you will be turning your most basic "blah" meals into family favorites. And, the spices are filled with lots of nutrients, too. 

These spices also easily replace the need for salt, lowering your sodium intake and making you and your family healthier. 

Join the Family Food Kitchen for some spicy food fun. Listen here: http://radiomd.com/player/item/28203-5-spices-to-add-to-your-grocery-list

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Energy Drinks: Are You Up for the Long-Term Consequences?

Energy drinks are everywhere. 

It's hard to miss all the choices when you go to the store. Energy shots are also the new craze, promising to lift you up for at least five hours.

Why are they so popular?

If you're like a lot of individuals today, you're dragging in the morning; trying to get out of bed with all your might. When afternoon rolls around, you may be even more sluggish and need a little boost. And, by the time the day is done, you're toast.

Many struggle to muster up the energy to work and take care of family. As a result, they put their needs on the back burner.

Poorly nourished, over-stimulated kids can also run on empty throughout the day.  

Beverage companies take advantage of your sluggishness, creating all kinds of energy drinks, along with promises of high productivity. Listen Here: http://radiomd.com/player/item/28202-energy-drinks-are-you-up-for-the-long-term-consequences

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Poor Eating Habits: Chuck Altogether or Change?

You know you should have breakfast, but instead, you run out the door and end up at your favorite coffee shop for a super-sized coffee latte loaded with sugar.

Or, maybe you are a soda drinker and just can’t stop. 

You might even be a mindless eater while sitting in front of your computer or television screen. 

Maybe, you are used to nighttime noshing because you are hungry and feel you deserve it. 

Whatever your bad habit is, there are ones you should chuck completely and some you can actually change to be a healthier you.

The hosts of Family Food Kitchen, Ellen and Carolina, share their ideas and tips about how to best kick your poor eating habits and not feel deprived. Listen here: http://radiomd.com/player/item/28148-poor-eating-habits-chuck-altogether-or-change#.VYhKYPlViko

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Healthy Picks from the Condiment Aisle

Condiments used to be simple. Ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, mayo, dressings, and relish… made by only a handful of brands.

Now, when you stand in front of the condiment aisle, the choices are endless.

Rows and rows of salad dressings, ketchup, and mustard can leave you confused. 

An array of sauces such as soy, Worcestershire, tobacco, cocktail, and horseradish (from multiple brands) stare you in the face. You try to decide which is the healthiest… is it the one with the least amount of sodium or the one with zero artificial dyes or flavors?

Ellen and Carolina, hosts of the Family Food Kitchen, help you to quickly eliminate the unhealthy choices and spot the great-tasting healthy ones. 

Listen here: http://radiomd.com/player/item/28149-healthy-picks-from-the-condiment-aisle

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Counting Calories: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Do calories count? 

What are they exactly? 

People talk about them as if they are particles found in food; that's simply not true. 

Should you choose what you eat by its number of calories? Or, is it better to just evaluate your food choices by nutrient content? 

For example, there are about 500 calories in a three-egg vegetable and cheese omelet. Is that okay? What about guacamole? 

How do you know when enough is enough? 

Katherine Tate, "The Food Teacher" from the United Kingdom, joins Family Food Kitchen to help you sort out whether you should be keeping track of calories. Listen here: http://radiomd.com/show/family-food-kitchen/item/27851-counting-calories-should-you-or-shouldn-t-you

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Easiest Veggies for Kids to Grow!

Why not cultivate your kids to grow their own food? 

From planting seeds and watching them pop out of the ground as sprouts, to witnessing their growth into edible, delicious vegetables, this process will capture your children's attention and spur their desire to eat them.

The question is, which veggies are the easiest for kids to grow? 

Farmer Jay joins Family Food Kitchen to share his knowledge on gardening with your kids. Jay works with kids from all walks of life, teaching them the wonders of growing their own food. 

Tune in and become infected by his passion for children’s discovery of gardening, as well as motivated to start planting vegetables with your kids. Listen here: http://radiomd.com/player/item/27680-easiest-veggies-for-kids-to-grow

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Beautiful skin from the inside out!

Smooth, youthful, beautiful skin is greatly desired… but at what cost? 

It has been reported that women spend an astounding $426 billion a year on skincare products. 

Yet, on average, women spend less than 10 percent of that on food to feed their families and themselves. 

Something is wrong with this picture, especially since there is a direct link between what you eat and the healthy glow if your skin. 

Carolina and Ellen of the Family Food Kitchen discuss this anomaly and provide healthy tips and recipes to help you get your skin to be young and beautiful, giving you a long-lasting, healthy glow. 

On of the hosts' top tips? Feed your skin from the inside. Listen in to learn about a skin renewal budget that contains recipes your whole family will love.

Listen here: http://radiomd.com/player/item/27681-feed-your-skin-from-the-inside

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Bonding Over Table Talk with Your Tweens & Teens

When was the last time you had more than a one-sentence (or even one-word) conversation with your tween or teen?

“How was school?" "Good." "How was your test?" "Good." "How was practice?" "It was okay." This seems to be the never-ending, one-sided conversation nowadays between teens and their parents.

Table talk at meals, especially during dinner, has proven to be your ticket for conversing with your children. Erika Katz, author of Bonding Over Beauty and media parenting favorite on talk shows, joins the Family Food Kitchen. to help you and your family get past these sparse conversations.

Katz will provide a you with a trigger for a two-way dialogue, even a long discussion, while enjoying some lasagna at the dinner table. Learn some tips and tricks to get your teens to open up about their day. Listen here: http://radiomd.com/show/family-food-kitchen/item/27678-bonding-over-table-talk-with-your-tweens-and-teens

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Avoid Being a Helicopter Parent in the Kitchen

Do you hover over your kids in the kitchen? 

Or, do you give them creative license to make their own sandwich or smoothie? 

If you're more on the hovering side, you are losing a priceless life lesson opportunity. 

Rather than direct and correct them, chuck the helicopter parent habit; give your kids the green light to use their independent thinking, direction application, and creative expression in order to build their confidence and develop a love of working with food. 

Erika Katz, author of Bonding Over Beauty, joins the Family Food Kitchen to help you know when and how to give your children the reins in the kitchen. 

Tune in for some tips on creating a healthy bond, for a lifetime of benefits and trust within your family. Listen here: http://radiomd.com/player/item/27677-avoid-being-a-helicopter-parent-in-the-kitchen#.VVokzflViko

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Everybody Wins: Performance Foods!

maple cinnamon dip‚ÄčMost moms will do whatever it takes to help their kids win, and that includes feeding them certain foods so they can perform well in school, on the field, in the gym, on stage, in a studio, and anywhere else they use both their minds and bodies.

Of course, some foods nourish more than others and can help your kids be the best they can be. 

The good news? Moms and kids love winning performance recipes. The Kid Kritics and Family Food Kitchen have awarded their seal of approval for these yummy recipes. 

Tune in for some delicious ideas to keep your kids in tip-top shape. Listen here: http://radiomd.com/player/item/27605-winning-performance-food-recipes#.VVIRKvlViko

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DISCLOSURE: Once a product passes ingredient standards evaluation followed by a blind Kid Kritics taste test, a company can opt-in to the Kid Kritics Approved marketing program. Though monetary compensation for marketing is involved, this does not affect the nutrition evaluation or taste test results.