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Caffeine: How Much is Too Much?

When is enough caffeine enough and when it is too much? 

What is your caffeine tipping point, the amount that takes you over the edge and into unwelcomed consequences? 

Hosts of The Family Food Kitchen shares information on caffeine. Whether the source of the caffeine matters and when to know you've had to much. 

Come on into The Family Food Kitchen for answers so you can enjoy just the right amount of your favorite caffeinated drinks and foods. Listen here:

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Veggies for Breakfast!

Veggies for breakfast? Sound like an oxymoron to you? 

Actually, since the recommended daily amount of vegetables a day for each of us is 5-7 servings, veggies for breakfast is a must.

You ask, “How do I serve my kids vegetables for breakfast when it is hard enough to get them to eat greens for lunch and dinner?” Guest, Maggie Jones Patton, co-founder of Bitsy’s Brainfood, has a list of great ideas of how to serve veggies to your family in eggs, smoothies and even in cereal.

Join the Family Food Kitchen to start your kids on the right foot every morning with a nice helping of vegetables. Listen here:

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Nutrition Detectives Have Infiltrated Schools

Nutrition Detectives have infiltrated schools… it’s true. The result: kids ages 5-14 are now nutrition smart; they are no longer clue-less but are clued-in. Thousands of schools around the world have been and continue to be exposed to this nutrition education program. 

Catherine Katz, PhD, founded this program with her husband, world renowned nutrition expert, Dr. David Katz.

There is a sad family story behind its beginning. In response to one of their daughter’s no good, very bad school lunch day, they were motivated to roll up their sleeves to turn kids into "nutrition detectives." 

Catherine Katz joins the Family Food Kitchen to share what makes this program so engaging, instructive and a ton of fun.  Listen here:

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Buy a Better Bag of Groceries

It’s so hard to know which canned tomatoes are the best or contains the highest nutrition value. 
You can stand in the aisle and read labels until you are cross-eyed to figure it out, or, you could use the NuVal Nutrition Scoring System.
This system is so easy and you can quickly grab and go with the best choice. 
Guest, Catherine Katz, PhD, author, producer and chef for a family 7 explains how the NuVal Nutrition Scoring System can take the guess work out of grocery shopping.

Her husband, Dr. David Katz, along with a team of leading nutrition, public health, and medical experts, created the ONQI algorithm which enabled them to scientifically asses the ingredient contents of food. 
Now you can use it to shop quickly for a better bag of groceries with nutrient confidence. 

Listen here:

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Energy-Boosting Smoothies

tropical green smoothie (262x285)These days, smoothies are as commonly consumed as cereal and trail mixes.  But, with so many recipes, how do you choose? The hosts of the Family Food Kitchen have their favorites. They perform as great energy and mind/focus boosters that are not only needed in the morning after a night of fasting, but also during that 3 or 4 o’clock afternoon slump. 

Fast, easy and fresh are the foundations of Ellen and Carolina's recipes. Find out how these recipes satisfy this requisite with super delicious, super nutritious ingredients.  Listen here:

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Food in the News: Sugar Industry, Busted

Busted… yes, the sugar industry just got busted. 

Find out who, how, and which documents have been uncovered that prove they've known for a long time that sugar is damaging to your health.

What’s worse, is that they have hidden this truth from both consumers and the media. 

This has “tobacco guilt” written all over it. Not only do the hosts of the Family Food Kitchenshare what happened and what has been proven, but they also give you alternatives to sugar that you can feel comfortable serving to your family. Listen here:

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The Great Good Fat: Avocados!

Good fat is not only delicious and satisfying, it is a required source of nourishment for your whole body, especially your brain. Contrary to previous belief, going fat-free is not healthy. In this segment, Dr. Julia Nordgren explains this important truth to you.

Dr. Julia also shares why avocados are the "great good fat" to be enjoyed often. You see, Dr. Nordgren is a medical doctor and a chef… what a magical combination for a wealth of healthy eating tips and recipes. Listen Here:

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How Would Your Kids Score on a Nutrition Quiz?

Get ready for an easy and yet revealing nutrition quiz. While it's focused on children’s eating habits, parents can benefit from it too. Guest, Dr. Rachel Mitchell (or simply, "Dr. Rach"), mother of four, created this quiz to make it simple for you to see the truth about your family’s weekly breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner food choices. She is in the Family Food Kitchen to help you make subtle but significant adjustments to both what you serve to your family and how you care for yourself. 

After all, parents, you are the most important role models for kids.  Listen here:

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Healthy Foods: Pro Players Eat to Win

There is a misconception that pro sports players eat whatever they want and are still successful on the field, on the courts, in the pool, or wherever they hail as superstars. 

Their spokesperson advertising choices do not help this fable. 

Truth is, pro teams and players hire sports nutritionists who guide them for optimal performance and health. Sports Nutritionist for pros and college players, Mindy Black, RD, CSSD, gives you the inside scoop. Listen here:

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Healthiest Foods for Busy Athletic Kids

Busy athletic kids are burning up calories and stressing their anatomies, while trying to be positively productive and still grow up to be healthy adults.

Mindy Black, an experienced sports nutritionist for pros and amateurs, has guidelines to share with you so your wanna-be super athlete can fuel his or her mind and body for optimum performance, on and off the field, in and out of the gym, or wherever their sport takes them. 

Tune in for some sports nutrition wisdom for your family. Listen here:

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