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Healthier Lunch Box Ideas Kids Won’t Throw Out

How many times have your kids returned home from school with part of their lunches still in their boxes?

Are you tired of making the same boring lunch every day?

The Family Food Kitchen is a big fan of sending your kid to school with a packed lunch, instead of relying on cafeteria fare. That way, you can ensure they have healthy food they need to properly feed their minds and bodies. 

But guess what… over the course of a school year, that's packing roughly 180 lunch boxes. Multiply that by the number of children you have to feed, not to mention trying to adhere to their preferred tastes… that's a lot of variables to please. 

Jackie Vega, from mother and dietitian, has some great five-ingredient menu solutions. 

Tune in as she shares new and easy fresh lunch box ideas your kids will love, including kid-friendly sandwiches, salads, dips and even soups.

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Feed Your Family a Healthy & Tasty Dinner with Just 5 Ingredients

If you're like most moms, you run out of dinner menu ideas rather quickly.

In fact, it's said that on average, moms rely on five dinner recipes to get them through the year. No wonder everyone grows tired of the same old meals. 

Blogger mom and healthy menu expert, Jackie Vega from, joinsFamily Food Kitchen to help you remedy that phenomenon.  

No worries… she doesn't give you recipes or menus with long lists of ingredients. Instead, she has created five-ingredient, kid-friendly, healthy meals even a working mom can throw together. 

Crazy dinnertime schedules often find families eating in the car; but Jackie has that covered too. She shares tips that help you in a dinner pinch. And, she gives you guidelines for ease of planning. 

It's time to make your dinners new and improved.

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Food in the News: Carmine Red Dye

Sun-dried crushed cochineal beetles… how would you like some of THOSE in your cake's icing, ice cream, yogurt, ketchup, meat, cereal, drinks and so much more? 

Chances are, you eat them on a regular basis. That's because they are commonly used as a pink, red and purple food colorant known as carmine.

Controversy over using carmine in foods has been swirling around for some time.

Tune in to learn if it qualifies as natural, healthy or unhealthy for you, how it should be labeled on product ingredient lists, and if there are any alternatives.

Get the straight facts so you can decide and/or voice your opinion, especially with your pocket book.

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Kid-Friendly Brain Recipes to Fuel Your Little One’s Mind

The growing brains of your kids need to be fed for short- and long-term collection (and application) of knowledge, productivity of their minds and bodies, physical development and behavioral prowess, as well as their overall wellness. Essentially, your become what you feed your brain and all of its 100 billion neurons.  Fortunately, there are foods with prominent nutrients that benefit brain activity. Family Food Kitchen hosts Ellen and Carolina share recipes that contain these nutrients; ones they know kids like because they have been "Kid Kritics approved." 

Sneak Peek: Simple Salmon Patties… so good and easy to make. Tune in for this recipe and more brain recipe favorites.

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Packing Your Kid’s Lunch? Easy Recipes They’ll Love

The number one questions most mom's have is: "What should I put in my son's/daughter's lunch box that is healthy and that  they'll actually eat?" 

If you are sick and tired of filling your kids' lunch boxes with the same food day in and day out — and watching some of it come right back home again — Jen Nikolaus has the answer. 

She joins Family Food Kitchen to share yummy, healthy, and most importantly, easy lunch menus. 

And, she should know… Jen is a blogger mom of four boys. 

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Tasty Options for Dinner on the Table OR on the Run

Are you challenged with figuring out how, what and when to feed your family a healthy dinner when you're constantly dropping them off or picking them up from sports, dance or Scouts… smack dab in the middle of dinnertime? 

Some kids need to eat by 5:00 or 6:00, while others don't get dinner until 8:00 p.m. Even if you DO have that rare evening when everyone can sit together at the dinner table, what healthy meals can you prepare and serve that they will actually eat? 

Jen Nikolaus, blogger mom of four boys, has nailed down some proven, yummy, healthy and very easy dinner recipes for you. Visit her blog at 

So… come into the Family Food Kitchen where Ellen and Carolina make life easier for you at dinnertime; whether you're at home or on the go.

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Food in the News: High Fructose Corn Syrup

Did you know that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has more than one name as seen on ingredient lists? It's a controversial sweetener, to be sure.

But, do you wonder if it deserves its bad reputation?

If its so terrible, why do food companies still use HFCS in their packaged products, many of which you and your family members consume every day?

In this "Food in the News" segment, Family Food Kitchen hosts Ellen and Carolina provide you with all of the names used for this sweetener, the ingredient facts and how it all relates to the health of your family. 


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Do your kids beg for Veggies?

Believe it or not, some kids actually beg for vegetables.
Just wait until you hear the Family Food Kitchen stories that prove it. 
Is there hope that your children may become veggie lovers, too?
In this segment, hosts Ellen and Carolina have dozens of Kid Kritics-approved recipes using vegetables. Cheezy Broccoli Bites is absolutely a huge thumbs up… and guess what? It doesn't even use melted cheese!What? Colorful Crunchy Veggies with Pasta is also a home-run hit. 

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Get Healthy Challenges

We declare it is time to step it up, get healthy and be healthy all year!  Guest Andrea Donsky (Naturally Savvy, author) spent last several months preparing user-friendly ones for you so you can beat the sick syndrome, be well and Stay Well. As each challenge is well thought out, you will find them simply instructive and productive.  Andrea is going to share how she worked with Dr. Joseph Mercola to create several challenges. The first four are up and ready for you. Choose from 7 Scary, Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Om3ga – or do them all! Tune in to listen to Andrea describe the healthy value each one offers with a brief “how to.” Guarantee you will be inspired to take the first step and even finish them.  Join us in our Family Food Kitchen to meet the Get Healthy Challenges.

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Top 2015 Food Trends – Be On The Look Out!

Foods always need some new faces each year.  We have narrowed down the most commonly predicted winners for 2015. Replacing kale may be the “new” bitter greens: collards, bok choy and beet greens to name a few. Have you heard of hemp seeds?  If not, you are about to!  If you are a salt fan, you are going to be excited about the debut of seasoned ones.  We are especially excited about the upcoming ugly vegetables – they’re way cool and yummy.  If you like pickles, this could be your year – we’ll explain. Bet you are not surprised to hear that sweet/salty/spicy/bitter flavoring combination are hot.  And, as they say, there’s more. Guest Andrea Donsky (Naturally Savvy, Author) will give us her food predictions for 2015.  Together we will prepare you for the latest and greatest healthy delicious food you will find in our Family Food Kitchen. Join us! 

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