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A Meal in a Pie Recipe!

Quiche, a fancy French word for an open egg-based pie, is so easy to make! Many run from it because it sounds so gourmet.  All you do is get a pie crust and lightly bake it.  Then add beaten eggs and any combination of fillers.  Many use cheese, spinach and bacon (turkey please) or a good sausage mixed with a little cream or milk.  Sauted broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic, herbs, tomatoes, shredded sweet potatoes, beans, chicken… the list of possibilities is a long as your imagination and your food inventory.   Once you pour the egg filler into the crust, bake it until the eggs are firm. Any combination is filled with high performance nutrients! When we served a Spinach Bacon Quiche to the Kid Kritics, they all began chanting, "Quiche, Quiche, Quiche…" They became instant fans.  There are lots of recipes!  One is featured on www.KidKritics.com. Go for it and customize one to suit your family's palate!

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