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Dad gives Picky Eater Tips!

Dad Timmons says he has picky eaters among his 5 children.  Here are his 3 tips to dealing with them. 1. Serve smaller portions on smaller plates. Prevents sense of overwhelm. 2. Feed them with a "healthy conscious", meaning, feed them fresh food.  It tastes better. Stay away from processed, especially canned foods. 3. Say, "that's it.!"  He used to take orders as if he was a restaurant and then the light bulb went on – no more.  What I serve is what you get or just drink water.  No, he is not worrying about his kids going hungry. When listening to Joseph talk about his picky eaters, it is clear he knows their issues.  One was, "My son will eat bright green cooked broccoli but not muddy green."  I say he's a smart boy – who want mushy broccoli?  Another was because one does not like eating the white of an egg, he scrambles it instead.  I loved the fact that this dad does not cook with salt. Instead he uses herbs and spices to flavor his food.  Oh, and one more thing.  Be sure to offer a nice food presentation instead of just piling it on the plate – much more inviting!  For more, listen to today's show on www.iTunes.com, podcasts, Better Food Choices.  It will be worth your time.

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