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The truth about School lunches

There is an improved awareness in the school systems that healthier foods need to be on their menus.  Chef Carlino, who serves school lunches, reminded me of the obstacles in front of decision makers.  So before you go storming in and demand better food for your kids, take a look at what these obstacles are; then make your move.

1. Food DIstributor's make deals with food companies.  Food companies are known to off load their over-runs or soon to be out of date products to school lunch 
    distributors for pennies on the dollar.  This fits the school's food budget.

2. Contracts with food distributors and food companies are made for multiple years.  In order to change the planned orders, these contracts have to be broken at
    a price, or, they have to run their coarse. 

3  Cafe managers and workers need to be educated about healthier products and menus.

Chef Carlino suggested that parents "create a demand, not a protest."  In other words, offer constructive practical solutions without being negative or angry.  A group of parents has more power than a single one so work together.  Talk to principal, supervisors, cafe managers in a helpful mode.   

Number One way to change the system – don't use it.  If most of the kids brought their own lunches to school, the school lunch program would fail – it could not survive.  Then the school would need redesign their school lunch program. You could be right there to help them!

Chef Carlino offers more helpful and delicious school lunch ideas in our interview with himClick HERE. to listen.

… for the health of your family,


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It is time to go Corn-Free. FREEZE.


This summer’s drought is causing havoc on the farmed fields across America. You can expect food prices to go up.  Why the focus on going Corn-Free?  Because corn is a by-product in thousands of processed foods.  Whether it be high fructose corn syrup (a big healthy NO),  corn starch or other corn fillers, you’ll find corn ingredients in a boat load of grocery store products. We don’t recommend you eat those, unless they are organic.  The summer sad fact is that fresh corn is getting more expensive due to high demand and lower yield.  If you can find it, freeze it.  No doubt, the prices for frozen corn during this coming fall, winter and spring are going to be higher than now.  Buy now and freeze.

Now remember, corn is fed to many domestic animals.  Thus the prices of meat and chicken will rise. Buy now and freezeThis drought affects more than corn.  Soy is becoming more scare.  We only recommend that you eat organic soy to avoid GMO and toxins.  And, because soy is known to stimulate the production of estrogen in all bodies, young as well, we simply suggest you take soy products off your grocery list.  As to all other produce, the drought is endangering their harvest as well.  Buy now and freeze.

Bottom line:  Freeze now to save later.  It’s simple to do.  Do away with your frozen processed foods to make room for … fill your freezer with frozen vegetables, fruit, meat and poultry,  and eat well all winter!

As for grains, they can be kept in a cool, dry, dark container and cupboard.  Make sure the air has been removed from these container… use plastic bags, roll them tight and seal them.

Hey, if you want to can food, be my guest.  I find it challenging and prefer the ease of freezing.

You can beat rising prices if you act now.  Yes, I have to practice what I preach to save money, too.

… for the health of our families,

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