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Summer is here: Pack your water bottles!

We’ll be officially kicking into summer next week on June 21st but here in Florida we’ve had temperatures in the 90’s for about a month already. School is out, kids are home, playing in the pool, parks, beach, yard and more. Besides lots of sunscreen it is so important to stay well hydrated. How much water should a child drink? There is no clear cut answer to that question.  It’s important they are never thirsty, since that is a reaction that comes as a signal from the brain, which usually means the body has already been deprived of adequate fluids for a little while.

Everyone, especially kids, should keep a water bottle handy at all times. When they are playing in the pool or the beach, it is even more important to drink water every 30-45 minutes at least. When playing in the sun and sweating they will need some electrolyte replacement. But don’t feel like you have to offer the conventional sports drinks which come loaded with sugar, artificial dyes and other additives. Water can still be the main source of hydration, and they can get electrolytes from fruits! Pack orange slices, watermelon, strawberries, honeydew melon and of course bananas. Also, don’t forget nature’s “electrolyte replacement”: coconut water. It is a perfect balance of electrolytes, natural sugar and water which will quench thirst in the best kind of way. When looking to purchase coconut water make sure they list only coconut water as the ingredient. They should come packed in a tetra pack container which avoids the need for preservatives and is BPA free. 

This same advices goes for when children (or adults) unfortunately come down with an illness like fevers or diarrhea requiring extra fluids. Use coconut water or diluted juice before using sports drinks.

To make water more fun to drink all summer, try fruit infused water. Simply add a couple of your favorite fruit slices, such as orange and lime to a water pitch and leave it in the fridge to enjoy throughout the day. For a fun drink that will keep you hydrated and serve as a treat try making this “Pineapple Mint Refresher” 

Main Points to remember:

1. Drink all day! Don't wait until you get thirsty.

2. Keep water bottles with you at all times during the summer. 

3. Skip sports drinks and go for coconut water, half diluted juice or plain water and get your electrolytes from fruits and veggies.

4. Keep well hydrated to avoid headaches, dizziness and weakness during hot summer days.

For the health of your family… 



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