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Kid Kritics: Sports International Football Camps

sports camp internationalWe recently became the official “Nutrition Advisors” for the Sports Internation Football Camps! We are so excited to work with very talented young boys in the pursuit of their dreams to become football players. At the camps they get to learn from the very best! And we got to see it first-hand recently in Minnesota. Camps are taking place all summer long around the United States. Kid Kritics is coordinating the nutritional education component for the camps along with several of our Kid Kritics Approved Brands! Upfront Foods, Iceland Springs, Good Health Natural Products, Cabot Creamery, Flamous Brands and Crunchmaster were our sponsors for the Nutrition Poster: Fuel Your Dreams Giveaway. Campers also got to enjoy snacks from these sponsors which was a real treat.

sports camps 2  sports camps 3  Molly, from our Kid Kritics Team was the lucky one that attended this camp and got to meet Kevin Williams, #93 from the Minnesota Vikings. Kevin was at the camp to provide the kids with his own experience about what it takes to be a professional football player. The kids had a great time learning from Kevin, and he was a big fan of our input for what it takes to keep a player healthy and strong.We look forward to our continued work with Sports International Football Camps! There is nothing more inspiring than kids fueling their dreams with good nutrition to become the best they can be.

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Food Safety: Eating Outdoors

Summer vacation brings so many fun activities, and eating outside in the fresh air is often a part of it. You take so much time planning your menu for a picnic and choosing all the right things to grill at your picnic.  But you never plan on “making” anyone sick from eating your food! The warm temperatures that we experience in the summer are perfect for bacteria, they thrive in temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees, and many foods that sit at that temperature for over 2 hours can make you sick pretty fast.

Make sure you prepare your foods and get the right supplies to prevent any food-borne illness while still enjoying the outdoors this summer! Here are some quick easy ways to prepare:

Bring ice packs! You can pack zippered plastic bags with ice or you can prepare them ahead of time by filling them up with water the day before and then freezing them. Invest on a refrigerator thermometer (they only cost from $5-10) which will take all the guess work out of the equation. After all, the smell test and questions like: “Do you think this is cold enough, will it be okay to eat?” are never a good sign!

The main dish is usually chicken, burgers, hot dogs and stakes at a barbecue. When packing them make sure they are well wrapped and sealed, placed in a cooler with plenty of ice. It is best to designate one cooler just for the meats to avoid any cross contamination. When they are ready to be consumed, make sure they are cooked to temperature, using a food thermometer make sure ground beef is cooked to 160F internal temperature, 145F for beef, pork, veal and lamb chops, and 165F for all poultry. Grilled food is delicious when cooked properly, make sure it is not charred. Always use a clean plate to transport the meat from the grill to the table, which should be consumed within 30-45 minutes after prepared. 

 All food should be kept on ice! If the temperatures will reach above 90F this can be a real task! So pack foods that you know are safer such as granola bars, dry cookies, popcorn or pretzels for example, and skip the deviled eggs or potato salad. Nothing better than eating juicy chilled fruit when outdoors! So pick fruits like grape that you can freeze the day before. And with melons just make sure they are well packed in ice as well! 

With all that said, the old saying holds true: “When in doubt, throw it out!” Remember to bring lots of liquids to stay hydrated when outside. Now go and enjoy your summer!

Here is a great recipe to try for your next outdoor adventure!  Grilled Veggie Kabobs

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Chia Seeds: worth the try or just a trend?

Chia seeds have become very popular in the last few years; within the last 18 months they’ve begun to show up on our grocery shelves. You find them in bags, but also in granola bars, chips, cereals and even cookies! And yes, these are the same seeds that we got to know as “Chia Pets.”

But what are they? And are they really good for you?

Chia, Salvia hispanica, is a species of flowering plant in the mint family.  It is grown commercially for its seeds.  These little guys are loaded with good fats:  55% Omega 3, 18% Omega 6, 6% Omega 9 and 10% saturated fat. Plus they are high in fiber and protein as well! And, they also have up to 18% of recommended daily intake of Calcium along with phosphorus and manganese.

Not only do they power us up, their nutrients help reduce inflammation, enhance cognitive performance, reduce high cholesterol, and their fiber content helps regulate bowel function.

Good News. Chia seeds are fun to eat!  They can be consumed raw or be added to a liquid substance such as smoothies. When wet, they turn into a gelatin form (pudding!).  This gelling action coupled with their fiber and protein content, cause a satiating effect – a bonus for those on a weight management plan.

I think chia seeds are here to stay!  They are easy to consume, have almost no taste and are pretty shelf stable.  For these reasons, they are more commonly consumed – even taken the place of flax seeds.

Have I convinced you yet to try them? Great! Check out a recipe that will get you started on getting to know these powerful little seeds. PS- they are good for kids and adults!

Tropical Green Smoothie: http://www.kidkritics.com/recipes/Tropical-Green-Smoothie/404 

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