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Go Wild for Wild Blueberries!

wild blueberry   We just finished a terrific radio show with Family Food Experts kitchen Radio on www.w4wn.com (there will be a podcast I will post when available) with guest Susan Davis, RD the Wild Blueberry Nutrition Advisor and I just had to come share some of the things we talked about!

Did you know Wild blueberries are packed with twice the antioxidant capacity of ordinary blueberries, and these little guys are supercharged with anti-aging phytochemicals. Hard to believe that the tiny wild blueberries are so powerful but that’s what Susan explained to us today! They are available frozen all year round, and since they are picked at peak and readily frozen they preserve all their nutrients. This is good news for us busy moms that need to rely on frozen fruits more so when shopping once a week!

They are good for the entire family and have powerful properties to help you stay healthy and age well. Their antioxidant and phytochemicals are being studies for their impact on treating, preventing and delaying disease processes such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Wild Blueberries should be a part of your daily healthy diet balanced to prevent common illness like colds and viruses by strengthening your immune system. And if you aren’t sure how to incorporate them in your routine, no worries! We have plenty of recipes and ideas.

 My kids love them in yogurt, so I add 1/3 cup to vanilla yogurt to send in their lunch box and they help to keep yogurt cold (use a cold pack as well) and turn their yogurt purple which my kids just think is so much fun! We also add them to smoothies, they are so sweet and powerful they work great when you are also trying to add some veggies such as spinach to their morning smoothie. 

For recipes please visit our website under recipe tab: www.kidkritics.com/recipes and look for many options made with Kid Kritics Approved products from Wyman's of Mainewymans

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