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“I don’t know the answer, my brain is not working!”

brain blogWhen I heard my 6 year old say that in response to a homework question I decided to see the “upside” in the situation. I had the perfect “in” to get her to eat more fish!

I redirected her thinking skills towards answering the question: “What foods do you think fuel your brain so you can think better and learn more efficiently?” She quickly recalled our recent conversation about how different nutrients feed different parts of the body, and our brain specially needs fats. The “good fats”, mono and polyunsaturated, full of omega fatty acids, those are the ones that will benefit our brain the most. And you can find a lot of them in fish! Connect the dots, and there you go. She was really excited about having fish for dinner. She had been eating tilapia and salmon since the age of 12months, but sometimes tuna and other fish she is a little resistant to trying it. Making the connection to how it can help them achieve her goals is all the incentive most kids needs to take the first bite.

When discussing the brain I can’t forget to also mention the foods we should avoid: those full of artificial coloring and over-processed foods with trans fats and overwhelming amounts of sugar and salt. Ends up those toxins make their way easily to the brain, which is a fast oxidizing mass. Therefore protecting it from wasting away is just as important as feeding it to grow! Other ways to protect is enriching our diets with lots of antioxidants. The more common ones are Vitamin A and carotenoids found in carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, Vitamin C found in citrus, green peppers, green veggies, Vitamin E found in nuts and seeds, Selenium found in fish, eggs and garlic! Others include flavonoids, lycopene, lutein and lignin.

We have lots of recipes that will include plenty of those brain feeding foods! Just search our tab for brain recipes here: Recipe Tab

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