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It’s time to think Summer Camps already!

It's only March, but if you have school age kids you are already thinking about Summer plans! Most camps start their registration around this time of year. My kids are just now old enough to start participating in some of the camps at our local YMCA. We are super excited since they usually get so bored staying at home all summer. When visiting with the camp coordinator my first question, to their surprise, was not about their activities, number of kids, sports, art or even qualification of their counselours, (don't get me wrong, I did want to know those things too!) my first question was about their lunch and snacks. 

Fortunately my children do not have food allergies or intolerances, but we do avoid several foods because of their artificial added sugars, food colorings and sometimes their packaging as well. Therefore, choosing a camp that will allow us to pack a lunch, or has a food program that aligns with our belief in healthier eating and avoiding junk foods is very important. 

Packing our lunches for camp is just like packing for school, so I'm pretty used to that! But when I heard of a few camps that accomodate food allergies and intolerances while promoting healthy eating I was so excited. I will for sure be searching for those around my area. What a great way to combine the fun of camp while not having to compromise their health in the process. Have your children participated in camps with healthier lunches, no junk foods or modified menu selections? Share with us the camps you recommend!

Our friends at Rudi's Bakery love summer camp too! And this year are helping 20 kids go to camp, all you have to do is enter here and you are in to win one of their sponsorships for a gluten-free camp: Desktop: http://shout.lt/q1v2 Mobile: http://shout.lt/q1v3

And don't forget to enter this weeks sweepstakes for a whole case of Zatar Chips from Flamous Brands here: http://bit.ly/YSfW9E  They are a great snack to add to your camper's lunch box!

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