Game Plan, your #1 Tool for the Business of Motherhood!

By Kid Kritics |

It just makes sense.  All businesses need a game plan.  Teachers use a game plan.  Moms, you need one, too.  Amy Smith of, mother of 3, shares the obvious with us – well, it is obvious once you listen to her. From making a "What's Happening" big family calendar for all to see to pre-setting breakfast at night, Amy shared priceless tools for managing your business of motherhood.  A biggie: get your kids to help and give them important job titles such as Veterinarian (pet chores), Assistant Chef (kitchen helper).  Thirty minutes listening to Amy's interview is like reading a must-have how-to manual.  Go to  "Better Food Choices" and look for "Tools for the Business of Motherhood." You will be so glad you did!

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