Take Five in 2102

By Kid Kritics |

Moms, Deirdre and Vickie, say Take Five in 2012.  These are daily New Year's Resolutions you can keep.  1.  Take 5 minutes for yourself to be still. 2. Take 5 minutes with each of your children to talk with them.  3.  Take 5 minutes to encourage someone.  4.  Over time, build up to serving a combination of 5 fruits and vegetables.  5.  Thank God for 5 blessings.  You can do these.  None require drastic changes nor do they cost any money.  All will lift up you both your family and you.  For more ideas from Deirdre and Vickie, listen to them on www.iTunes.com, go to podcast then Better Food Choices for "Moms Reveal New Year's Resolutions They Can Keep!"  Or, go to www.BetterFoodChoicesRadio.com.  Their resolutions are full of common sense and fun.

… for the health of your family,

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